3 ways technology has revolutionised construction

Technology has completely transformed the way industries operate over the years – and construction is no exception. Modern builders are cleverly utilising technology in a way that increases productivity, enhances communication and creates incredible builds.

From keeping clients updated via comprehensive web portals to presenting detailed designs in stunning 4D – builders are making technology work for them and their clients.

Here, we reveal the exciting ways technology is transforming the construction industry and the key things to look out for when searching for a modern, tech-savvy builder.

1. The internet: connecting builders and clients

Gone are the days of relying purely on your local construction company – now, a simple internet search can open up a world of possibilities. Particularly when planning a very specific build, it’s essential to find the right person for the job. The internet effortlessly connects clients to builders with experience in the kind of project they are planning, saving them precious time.

You can also make the internet work for you by taking your time to compare competing construction companies. Reaching out for quotes is easy and finding testimonials is as quick as the click of a button.

Any modern builder will have a comprehensive website, active social media profiles and an easy-to-navigate online portfolio. By familiarising yourself with the company’s style of build, past projects and comments from clients, you can get a good feel for how they operate – all before you’ve even reached out for a chat.

2. Construction management software keeps things simple

With so many moving parts to a project, it can be hard to keep a clear overview of everything. When builders and clients can log into one central place to track progress, there is far less margin for error and communication is clearer.

A simple online system, like Adam Mason Homes’ Client Area, allows clients to check on the progress of their build, see images and even watch videos from the site. Whether you’re checking in from your computer at home or on the go via tablet or phone, construction management software allows you to log in and get a quick update on your build, whenever and wherever you like.

3. Visualise your dream home with multidimensional designs

Before technology, it could be hard to imagine what your dream home might look like once it was finished. While an architect’s design can speak a thousand words to someone with a trained eye, clients may find it hard to picture a black-and-white image or floorplan come to life.

With 3D designs, it’s much easier to show clients what they can expect from a build. From the tiles in the bathroom to the colour of the dining room, each and every detail can be incorporated.

A modern builder will also be able to offer you a 3D virtual ‘walkthrough’, meaning you can get a feel for your new home before construction has even commenced. These intricate design features make it easier to meet and exceed client expectations – keeping everyone happy.


If you’re looking for a modern builder with their finger on the pulse of the latest technology in construction, get in touch with Adam Mason Homes today.