How to make the most of building on sloping sites

How to make the most of building on sloping sites

How to make the most of building on sloping sites

Sometimes, you may find building on a sloping site the most challenging thing ever. While this is undoubtedly true, nothing beats the sweeping view and unique design of this kind of homes once they are finished. But how do you overcome these challenges? Here are some tips and tricks you can use in this blog post.

We all agree that landscape diversity is by far one of the most appealing parts of our country. From the coasts to the interior, there’s a large variety of terrain that attracts all different kinds of people. Over time, however, builders in Australia have had to learn how to deal with many unique conditions when building on a small lot or steep site.

Therefore, if you own a block of land featuring sloping ground, then chances are to get a home that literally stands out.

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What are the most important factors to consider?

the key to successFor years, the top end of town has set up camp at the top of the hill – eager to enjoy the superior sunsets and drink in the cool breezes. But unlike the flat land, steep sites require careful inspection and planning. This way, you will minimise the environmental, visual and amenity impact on neighbouring properties and surrounding landscape.

So, here are some factors to take into considerations before starting building:

  • Degree of slope. In general, you may find slight slopes (7-10%), moderate slopes (10-20%), steep slopes (20-33%) and extreme slopes (more than 33%).
  • Design. This is definitely something that can make or break the space. Therefore, a detailed land survey is necessary in order to create the most suitable design for the existing sloping site.
  • Access and location. Sometimes, severely sloping blocks can be difficult to access and require extra costs in transporting materials to the site.
  • Orientation, weather and wind. The geographical factors are crucial when dealing with a steep site. You probably wouldn’t like a house that fights against the winds and stays in the shadow the whole day.
  • Excavation and foundation work. Depending on the slope degree and home design, excavation work is usually required on sloping blocks. This way, you can make a strong level surface for building.

building on sloping sitesThe key to success when building on sloping sites

While it may seem hard at the beginning, a challenging site can actually bring out the best in design. With careful analysis, thorough understanding and innovative thinking, the end result will be fulfilling both for you and for the home builder. So, these are just a few ideas of how to achieve perfection on a sloping site:

  • First, make sure you choose a home builder that has extensive knowledge and experience building on sloping blocks.
  • Then, think of innovative design solutions. Whether your home it’s a cantilever, a sculptural piece of art or integrated into the landscape, it will have to reflect your unique personality after all.
  • Next, consider orientation to take advantage of solar efficiency as well as views. With a north-facing block, main living areas will be bathed in the sun all day long.
  • Also, be aware that soil depths are relatively shallow, so you are very likely to strike the rock. To avoid any unnecessary excavation and expense related to it, work with the block, not against it. This way, you will also balance cut and fill.
  • Decide on how you will use the outdoor spaces, from where to put the clothesline and entertaining areas to access for a trailer or wheelbarrow. Remember a home doesn’t stop at the walls but it harmoniously combines all existing spaces – both indoor and outdoor.
  • Finally, as you create a plan for your home, keep the big picture in mind. Always try to explore a block’s potential in relation to the surrounding landscape, while highlighting its unique features.


Adam Mason Homes custom home builderIn conclusion, building on sloping sites really comes down to careful planning, extensive know-how and holistic approach. So, work together with your home builder to make the most of your home building experience.

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Until next time, take the first step in designing an ideal home for your sloping site!

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