5 reasons to choose your builder before your architect

When dreaming of your perfect home, it’s the architectural features that come to mind, not the materials or techniques used to build it. And fair enough! At the end of the day, most people who engage with your home will only notice the visual features.

This type of thinking can often result in clients starting their construction journey by searching for an architect. However, the most successful builds are those that start with a builder. Here’s why.

1. Budget control

While architects are fantastic at concepts, they aren’t great at actual costs. This isn’t due to being bad at their jobs – it just simply isn’t their job! Builders are responsible for sourcing materials, overseeing trades and staying ahead of the latest developments and so have a strong understanding of how much things cost. As architects aren’t required to know, or develop a technical knowledge of building, any prices they supply will only ever be an estimate.

One way to avoid blowing your budget is by engaging your builder first. They’ll be able to work alongside your architect, supplying accurate pricing so that your end plans reflect your budget appropriately.

2. Continuous communication

A project as large as building your own home can sometimes fall victim to a case of Chinese whispers – with so many moving parties, ensuring everyone is on the same page is harder said than done. You can reduce the chances of this happening by engaging a builder from the outset. Having been there from the very beginning, they’ll understand exactly what you need and want, meaning less chance of miscommunication.

3. Accountability

Just as communication is improved by engaging a builder at the beginning of the process, accountability is also increased. If they join at the start, the builder will have full accountability for your project, overlooking every element to make sure it’s completed on time, within budget and to the highest standard. Should something pop up or go awry, your builder will be able to help a lot more with resolving this, rather than the onus being on you.

4. Latest industry knowledge

Reputable builders should be up to date with the latest knowledge and developments in the industry, introducing new technology and materials to your build. If they join earlier in the process, they’ll be able to advise on alternatives you could be using that an architect may not be aware of yet. This can save you time and money in the long run!

5. Realistic timelines

With experience in a range of projects, builders are well-placed to understand exactly how long each element of a build can take. Therefore, they’ll be able to advise on realistic timings for your project, taking into consideration pre-build elements such as excavation and challenging aspects, like access and slopes. This will result in a smoother process for all involved, with less chance of running over budget and out of time.


If you’re thinking about building a home this year, get in touch with the team at Adam Mason Homes. We’d be happy to help with any questions you may have about the construction process and more.