Custom home design tips to follow in 2019

Behind the scenes: custom home design tips to follow in 2019

Custom home design tips to follow in 2019

Are you building your dream home? Then these custom home design tips can add substantial value to it. Whether you’re still looking for inspiration or you have already made the architectural plans, don’t forget to check out this year’s trends. This Valentine’s, add some tender loving care to your custom home project so you can have your own ‘happily ever after’ story to tell.

There’s something incredibly fulfilling about building a home that corresponds exactly to your vision. Sometimes all you have to do is close your eyes to imagine your dream home and you continue your day with a large smile on your face. But when it comes to bringing your vision to life, it is important to combine aesthetics and functionality in the best way possible.

For this reason, before planning your new home project, you should always involve a custom home builder to help you with important guidelines. Whilst there are many factors to consider, here are some of the best custom design tips to get you started.

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Gather some inspiration

What’s trending now?’ That’s the type of question you should ask yourself when building your dream home. For instance, magazines, websites, TV shows and (why not?) social media may be a great place to find your inspiration.

Don’t forget to take notes of the things you like and the ones that you dislike! Select your favourite styles, colours, patterns and materials to include in your home design. Also, let the architect or the draftsman know about the elements you absolutely want your house to have. This will allow them to see if your vision is coherent with the area particularities.

Choose the home design style that uniquely reflects your personality

Next, it’s time to take some technical facts into consideration: what is the floor plan choice? Is it a single storey or a double-storey home? A resort style or granny flat home? Whatever your preference, make sure it meets the land restrictions first (if any).

As for the design, bear in mind that Australia is known for its eclectic mixture of architectural styles and trends, coming especially from Europe and America. From traditional,  mid-century modern, contemporary and many others, there is no such thing as the wrong decision in 2019. For a deeper understanding, don’t just look at some random pictures of the styles you like but also try to find out the story behind them.

Perfect harmony between form and functionCreate the perfect harmony between form and function

Ideally, we believe that the purpose of design is to make space functional in the most beautiful way possible. Therefore, the end result should be aesthetically appealing homes to suit each individual’s needs and preferences.

Experienced home builders always design with comfort in mind. They not only listen to your creative ideas but they also look for practical ways to materialize them. Eventually, they will make your home the best place to live.

Integrate passive design

Another thing to keep in mind when planning your custom home project is passive design. But why is it so important? According to Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes, the passive design takes advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. And this is not all. Considering factors like orientation, shading or insulation, it effectively promotes thermal comfort, low heating and cooling bills, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Embrace energy efficiencyEmbrace energy efficiency

For the past few decades, sustainable living has been a growing trend around Australia and around the world, too. More and more homeowners are adopting new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their energy bills.

So, before the actual building phase, talk to your custom home builders about how you can include energy efficient features into your new home. For example, you could explore efficient heating, cooling and lighting possibilities, water saving taps, showerheads and dual-flush toilets.

Remember small changes can have a huge impact overall.


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Building your dream home has never been easier, so why not starting to work on your custom home design today?

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Until next time, use these custom home design tips to your advantage!

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