How to make your custom luxury home stand out from the crowd

How to make your custom luxury home stand out from the crowd

How to make your custom luxury home stand out from the crowd

‘The sky is the limit’ when it comes to custom luxury homes. But with so many home designs on the market today, many homeowners want something unique and out of the ordinary, something to reflect their vision, lifestyle and personality. Here are the 8 secrets to building the ultimate custom luxury home. Ssshh, it’s top secret! 

Luxury, please

When creating home designs, every one envisions their dream living and dining room, dream kitchen, dream bedroom and bathroom, and their dream garden. However, when it comes to building luxury homes, all these features should be taken to the next level, evoking pride, elegance and grandeur.

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Tips & tricks for the ultimate custom luxury home design

1, Attention to details

First and foremost, building a luxury home means not only opulence and comfort but also high attention to detail. From functional home designs to elegant finishes, every  Luxury home is a perfect combination of these crucial elements.  Of course, the devil is in the detail, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary luxury homes is just that little ‘extra’.

room with a view2. Room with a view

Can you possibly imagine a beautiful, luxurious home overlooking…walls and buildings? We definitely can’t. That is why choosing the right piece of land is of utmost importance. Location, location, location… Remember it’s an important part of your luxury living experience.

3. Internet connectivity or digital detox?

There is a continuous battle between the smart and ‘back to basics’ trends. From voice-controlled lights, high-tech security systems and smart cooling and heating systems, they are a perfect fit for luxury homes. On the other hand, more and more people are looking for a break from the modern world lately or at least a space to. Therefore, they wish to create designated areas of the home that are ‘digital-free’ and encourage traditional family time or relaxation.

open plan design4. The rise and fall of open plan design

Large, open spaces have always complimented luxury homes. In general, this open plan space is still essential in many homes but will be balanced by cosy nooks designed for reflection, reading or listening to music. Whether you prefer built-in bookshelves and daybeds or spaces for deep couches, they can all be designed according to individual needs and preferences.

5. Master suites

Another secret to creating an outstanding custom luxury home is to build large master suites or retreats. In fact, this has become a favourite in luxury homes around the world. So, why not enlarge master bedrooms, to incorporate a space for a couch or comfortable chair to enjoy a coffee to start your day or a glass of wine to end it. These spaces can have bespoke joinery to form a kitchenette so you will never have to leave. This feature will bring an extra layer of excitement to your luxury home.

6. Bring the outside in

In addition, bringing outdoor natural elements inside your home will definitely make a wonderful impression. Whether you integrate state-of-the-art water features, trees or other imposing plants, you will be more connected with nature. Plus, ‘my home is my garden’ evolves the idea of bringing the outside in, with plant beds incorporated into a house’s structure.

7. Pool & spa – an affordable luxury

Nowadays, pools and spas are undoubtedly ‘the new standard ’ in custom luxury homes industry. More than just a classical luxurious bathroom, these pool areas echo the most elegant and pristine world resorts. Dream big and picture yourself laying on a day bed beside your resort style pool enjoying a cocktail on a summer’s afternoon.

Eventually, you will bring holidays in from the outer world and place them firmly within the walls of your own home.

light room

8. Let there be light!

Last but not least, remember that lighting has no limits in custom luxury homes. Combining accent with ambience lighting, you can illuminate, highlight and even set the mood of a room. Ultimately, lighting fittings can dramatically change the character of a home.

So, how does your dream custom luxury home look like? Tell us in the comment boxes below.

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Until next time, make your custom luxury home stand out from the crowd!

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