What are the key principles of an energy efficient custom home

What are the key principles of an energy efficient custom home?

What are the key principles of an energy efficient custom home?

Nowadays, building an energy efficient custom home seems to be one of the biggest trends in the home building industry. In fact, energy efficiency means that your home strives to reduce its energy consumption, while still providing you with the luxury and the comfort you’re looking for. But what does it actually make a custom home energy efficient? Find out some valuable insights in this week’s blog post.

Key considerationsWhat is the importance of having an energy efficient custom home?

Planning to build the home of your dreams is a big project with endless possibilities. From design, architecture, furniture or finishes, it is important that your home reflects your unique style and personality. In addition, using good design principles can save you money and energy, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home.

But what are the reasons why we build sustainable custom homes in Australia?

  • Reduce household costs
  • Decrease Australia’s carbon emissions and meet our international reduction targets
  • Release strain on the electricity grid

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Key considerations for building an energy efficient home

House orientation1. House orientation

First and foremost, it is essential to apply some basic architecture rules. Therefore, during the design phase, make sure the living areas where you spend the most time will be located on the north side of the house. This will actually take advantage of the winter sun, keeping these rooms warm, light and bright. On the other hand, avoid or minimise windows facing west or east as they should be well shaded for summer. Also, ask your custom home builder for advice on optimizing the amount of natural light you get into your home.

2. Insulation

Furthermore, insulation is that key principle and one-off cost that will undoubtedly bring you long-term benefits and drastically reduce the cost of your energy bills. In fact, a well-insulated roof can save you up to 45% on heating and cooling. And that’s not all. A further 20% can be saved with wall insulation. Therefore, adding as much insulation as possible, while making sure it is installed correctly with no gaps and proper waterproofing, is a sound investment.

3. Shadingshading

Did you know that shading can block up to 90% of the heat gained from direct sunlight? External shading should be designed to let in the winter sun, while totally blocking the summer sun. Whether you choose horizontal shades or awnings, eaves, outdoor vegetation, curtains or blinds, they will effectively prevent the sun’s radiant heat from entering your home.

4. Draft-proofing

Another solution for an energy efficient custom home is to reduce air leakage. According to recent surveys, air sealing can cut up to 25% off your power bill. That is why you should consider installing fans and vents that close automatically and seal doorways with a draught stopper at the base of the frame.

Solar photovoltaic systems and power storage5. Solar photovoltaic systems and power storage

Last but not least, when it comes to free energy, it seems that everyone speaks the same language: solar design. To point out, rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert energy from the sun into electricity you can use in your property. This means that large-scale batteries connected to solar PV systems can store energy generated during the day which can be used at night or in poor weather when the system isn’t generating much energy.

For one thing, you don’t need to get as much electricity from the grid anymore, which can help lower your electricity bills.

How can we build your energy efficient custom home?

Whether you’re planning to build a small-lot home or a large luxury home, Adam Mason Homes’ will help you design your dream home that will be more sustainable and more energy-efficient. So, let’s step into the future of green homes!

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Until next time, choose smart, choose energy efficiency!

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