Top 4 reasons to build a split level home

Top 4 reasons to build a split level home

Is a split level home right for you? When owning a small or sloping site, it may sometimes seem challenging to design a house to fit your land.

So, to split or not to split? Read more about the benefits of building a split level home in this week’s blog post.

What is a split level home?

In general, split level homes are specifically designed for small lots or sloping sites. In fact, they are built into the natural angle of the land to work with the landscape, rather than against it.

In Australia, split level homes began to grow in popularity in the 1970s. Today, the staggered floor levels and two short sets of stairs trend is back in fashion through the new home building industry. That is because more and more people are (re)discovering the advantages of this building style.

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So why build a split level home?



Reason #1 –  Unique design

First and foremost, each house is tailored to the slope and size of the block. For instance, bedrooms are located on one floor and the living space on another one to help create distinct zones. Therefore, this results in a unique yet practical design every single time.

Reason #2 – Space optimization

Another important thing to consider is space. Whatever design you choose for your new home, you will most probably want to make the most of your land. And that’s what a split level home does: it takes full advantage of all the space available on your land by building vertically rather than horizontally.

cost effective solution

Reason #3 – Cost-effective solution

Furthermore, it’s always cheaper (and beneficial) to adapt to the land conditions than go for a total transformation. Therefore, when choosing a split level home style, you can successfully build on smaller or steeper sites.

This can be a budget-friendly option, allowing you to save money for kitchen appliances, furniture or even for an outdoor pool.

stunning view

Reason #4 – Stunning views

Last but definitely not least, who wouldn’t want to wake up with stunning views every morning? Due to its versatility, a split level home can be designed to get the most of the surrounding views.

Just talk to your custom home builder about your preferences and you will have an elegant home that fits harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and where you will always enjoy being at.

In conclusion, building on sloping sites doesn’t have to be a daunting experience anymore. So why not turn your challenges into opportunities with split level homes?

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Until next time, let’s start building your dream home!

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