How to achieve a sustainable home design that doesn’t cost the earth

There’s been a lot of talk around sustainable building and sustainable home design in the construction industry of late. What was once an expensive design trend is now an essential part of the custom home building process.

With more and more people paying attention to energy efficient home design and eco-friendly living, building a stunning home design that won’t harm the earth is now well within your reach. In fact, building a sustainable home in 2020 can actually save you money in the long run.

Investing in a premium, sustainable build can lead to lower bills, a healthier family and a general increase in your quality of life. Keep reading to find out our top tips for a breathtaking build that won’t cost the earth.

Keep it passive

Passive design has become a bit of a buzzword in the construction industry. Essentially what this involves is drawing upon practical design elements to ensure your home retains a comfortable temperature, naturally. This is done by focusing on factors like orientation, zoning, layout, ventilation, insulation, shading and glazing.

A passive home may be designed to make the most of natural light in summer or insulated to ensure warm air stays in during winter. It may involve working with an experienced builder to achieve the correct orientation on your block or investing in high-quality glass windows and doors that will keep temperatures steady all year round. While this may be an expensive investment at the building stage, the savings you will make on artificial energy sources like air conditioning and heating can more than make up for this.

Pay careful attention to lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest sources of energy consumption in a home, particularly in bustling family homes. There are many ways you can implement sustainable lighting options in your build, including integrating smart technology and sensor lighting, or making simple choices like eco-friendly LED light globes.

This is also an important factor in the design stage. A good builder should help you design a home that maximises natural light. Whether this involves strategically placed skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows in communal living areas and private spaces, this will see less need for artificial lighting throughout the day. Downlights on a timer or sensor can also be an effective way to conserve energy when night falls.

Use sustainable materials

Arguably the best way to build a sustainable home is to literally build it from sustainable materials. Again, investing in high-quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials may be a hefty investment now but it is one that will pay dividends in future. The benefit of using safe and high-quality materials is that your family will remain safe and happy, plus you won’t need to replace these every few years due to wear and tear.

Opt for materials like bamboo timber, recycled metals, cork and engineered timber, which are low impact and long-lasting. The benefit of these materials is that they also look stylish, adding a natural elegance to your home. If natural isn’t the look you’re going for, your builder or designer can work with you to implement a colour palette that works for your chosen materials.

Sustainable features

A high-quality builder with a passion for sustainability will help you implement sustainable features that you can continue using well and truly after construction is complete. This includes rainwater tanks, solar panels and a greywater system. Again, while these systems may require a one-off expense to install, they are a long-term investment, saving you money in the long run.

These days, features like solar panels and rainwater tanks are commonplace, meaning you can find a style to suit any home. Whether your dream custom home is a modern marvel or a traditional family space, there’s something to suit any home and any client.

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