The problem with square metre rates

While you may think a square metre rate is an easy way to indicate what the ‘ballpark figure’ might be for your home, this isn’t entirely correct.

There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when building a home and we hate to break it to you, but a ‘ballpark figure’ isn’t going to give you an accurate indication of what you’ll end up paying.

The cost of building a home is far more complex than a simple square metre rate is able to communicate. For example, even a few seemingly minor adjustments made to your build can increase your square metre rate by hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The only way to accurately assess how much a home will cost to build is by conducting a full analysis of entire project, then dividing the total cost by the appropriate number of square metres. However, even this can still vary between builders, as not all houses are calculated the same way.

Building rates per square metre

When it comes down to it, builders want business. This means that some competitive builders might try to win your business by presenting you with misleading square metre rates. Usually, this is done by increasing their calculated areas in order to lower the rate, making them an appealing option for those who wish to stick to their budget.

You must always understand exactly what is and isn’t being included in a square metre rate, including final fixtures, fittings and finishes.

While some builder might include everything in the cost, some only include a single prime cost. This means that rather than defining the inclusions, they’ll set aside a base dollar amount for various fixtures. If the dollar amount is inaccurate once you’ve actually selected your items, you might end up spending more than the builder originally estimated in their quote.

Spotting a quality builder

The only appropriate way to determine the total cost of your build is by carefully studying the design, specifications, fittings, site costs and all other elements before carefully pricing the project.

A breakdown of all the individual Prime cost or provisional items should be supplied to you by your builder in the building contract. For the best accuracy, your builder should be included in the project from the design stage, or a design and construct team should be engaged to create your project. By doing this, your builder will be able to appropriately calculate all of the costs to ensure that you’re keeping well within your budget.

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