What are the stages of construction?

So, you’ve decided to build a brand new home. You have purchased, or at least selected the land where you would like to live but what next?

Here at Adam Mason Homes, we often meet clients who are unsure about the construction process – what does this entail and what’s involved once a contract is signed and building begins? It’s quite simple really.

There are six simple stages involved in building a house – pre-construction, base stage, frame stage, lock-up stage, fixing stage and completion. If you’re new to building, these steps can be mystifying and confusing, but we want to take the mystery out of construction, so you understand exactly how your dream home is being built. Keep reading to learn more about the stages of construction.

1. Pre-Construction Stage

Before the building of your custom home can begin, you must first complete the pre-construction stage. This involves soil testing, planning permits, council applications, site surveys and any necessary engineering work. Of course, this stage also involves the design of your custom home where you’ll work with an architect, building designer or design and construct builder to achieve a layout and style that suits your unique needs and wants.

2. Base Stage

Once you’ve locked in a design you love and achieved approval for your plans, it’s time to begin building. If your site has an existing property, this is when we’ll demolish it and remove debris and vegetation. We’ll also conduct site-levelling, layout the site and mark the corners of your slab.

Once this has been completed, it’s time to dig trenches and erect the formwork for your footings, rough-in plumbing and electrical services and pour the foundations. Next, we’ll install a sub-base, erect the formwork for your slab and add a moisture barrier and mesh reinforcement, as per the engineer’s design. Finally, it’s time to pour the slab.

3. Frame Stage

In the framing stage of construction, we’ll create the bones of your structure. This is when we’ll erect wall framing and roof framing and trusses, windows and doors. If you’re building a double-storey or multi-level home, this stage may also see the installation of steel beams and a subfloor. After the frame has been erected, we’ll add building wraps to ensure your home is waterproof, as well as roof sisalation and your choice of roof sheeting – for example, tiles or steel. This is also when we’ll install any skylights. 

4. Lock-Up Stage

By now, your home is ready to be locked up, which is where the real transformation starts to happen. On the exterior of your home, windows and doors are fixed in place. External cladding will be installed. Inside, plumbers and electricians will rough-in services, insulation will be added to walls and ceilings and plastering including cornices will be completed.

5. Fixing Stage

This is when all the elements of your custom home come together. Fitting off cabinetry, laying tiles, installing benchtops, splashbacks and laying flooring all happens during this stage. Internal door frames and trims will also be installed, including architraves and skirting boards. Our painting team will start to paint the inside of your home, while showers and toilets will be installed in the bathrooms.

We’ll then have our electrical team back in to install the lights and power points. During this stage all remaining fixtures and fittings including tapware and door handles, as well as any appliances like ovens and dishwashers are finalised. This is also the stage when mirrors and glass will be installed in bathrooms.

Outside, any external works included in your contract will be completed, including the driveway, landscaping and verandah.

6. Completion

The moment you’ve been waiting for! The finishing touches are complete, and your home is ready to be handed over. We’ll give you the keys to your new custom-built home and you’ll be able to move in.

If you’re ready to start working through the stages of construction in your new home, get in touch with the team at Adam Mason Homes today!