What’s the difference between a Hamptons and a coastal home?

Two of the hottest trends in Australian home design right now, especially in sun-kissed Brisbane, are Hamptons and coastal styles. The perfect embodiment of barefoot, beachside living, these interior design trends might take inspiration from the same theme, but they are each unique.

Both are inspired by the coast yet deliver a very different design signature. Does the luxe, celebrity-inspired polish of the Hamptons appeal to you, or the more rustic, boho vibe of coastal?

Read on to discover how each style is defined and which one would best fit your lifestyle.

Hamptons style – beach-inspired living with a dash of luxury

This interior design trend is inspired by the location of the same name – a summer holiday destination for well-to-do New Yorkers on Long Island, less than two hours from Manhattan. Its distinctive aesthetic is emulated by designers the world over, looking to recreate its tasteful beach-meets-luxury vibe.

While it’s certainly inspired by the sea, the signature of Hamptons style is all in the luxe details. After all, it is the weekend haunt of many a Hollywood star and A-lister.

Clean white spaces and plenty of natural light are key to achieving the Hamptons look. Begin with a base of elegant neutrals or white, adding minimal accents of navy, taupe or steel grey. Weatherboard cladding and shaker-style cabinets are typical of the Hamptons style, while dark woods and polished flooring complement the sleek aesthetic. When it comes to textiles, think plush, tactile textures such as luxury Merino knits and silks.

Coastal style – rustic seaside charm with natural elements

More laidback and bohemian, coastal style still invites the outdoors in but with softer, more approachable appeal.

Artefacts such as seashells and reclaimed timber give a more explicit nod to the beachside theme. This is a lovely way to draw native elements into your design – choose locally-acquired items in a tribute to the great Australian outdoors. Complement these natural features with rustic textures such as raw linen fabrics, raffia rugs and feature pillows.

Coastal style offers the chance to be more experimental with colour. Take inspiration from the sea with navy, blue and aqua tones – perhaps even adding a splash of sunny yellow.

Want to give a unique twist to your nautical theme? There are several substyles under this theme, from contemporary coastal to rural, modern and boho. Choose the vibe that best suits your style to make your own unique design mark.


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