1.  What Does Adam Mason Homes Do?

Adam Mason Homes (AMH) is a bespoke building company based in Brisbane and specialize in custom design homes. We build superior quality architecturally designed luxury homes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast .

2.  Does Custom Design Mean Huge Expense?

It Doesn’t have to. As the name implies, the process of building a custom home is less scripted than a project home, because there are no pre-defined choices or menus to choose from. When you engage us from the initial concept stage, budget is one of the things we discuss.  We then design your new  home with this budget , along with your visions in mind. With an AMH custom home you are only paying for the items, layout and level of finish that you desire.

3.  Why choose a smaller custom home builder?

AMH has worked with many narrow, sloping difficult sites over the years and have experience and knowledge to overcome these issues from the design to the construction of your home.

4.  Why would I talk to a builder before I have plans?

There are huge advantages of working with a builder to design your new home. We work every day with designers drafting new home plans and know what works. We can guide you through the whole process to design a quality home that suits your design ideas, land and budget.

5.  What if I don’t have plans for my new home?

At AMH we have a draftsperson on hand to turn your ideas into reality. We take the stress out of designing your new home or renovation and work with you through the whole design process right through to council approval.

6.  Will you build my home using the plans I already have?

If you already have your architectural plans we can take all the stress out of building your new home and make it the enjoyable and exciting experience it should be. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. The only limitations of this are if the plans belong to another builder and are covered by copywriter.

7.  Does AMH have set inclusions?

We do not have a set inclusion range as we believe each client has individual requirements  and has their own style ideas for their new home. Each project we allow the client to choose any fixture and fitting they desire from any number of our local and overseas suppliers.

8.  Does AMH have a square metre rate?

As with inclusions, at AMH we believe in giving the client the flexibility to pick and choose the desired finishes for their new home. Because there are huge price variants in these items we do not have a set sq.metre rate and each project is quoted on the level of  fixtures and finishes client desires.

9.  Is AMH licensed and insured?

Adam Mason Homes is fully licensed with the QBCC.# 1274034. In addition to this we  have all necessary public liability, construction works and workers compensation insurances in place.

10.  Is AMH a Master Builder and HIA member?

AMH is a Queensland Master Builder: member #70578

AMH is a Housing Industry Association member: #954132

As a proud member of both these associations we are committed to the codes of conduct and apply fair treatment, courtesy, reasonable and honest conduct in the efficient operation of our business.

11.  What does QBCC Home Warranty Insurance cover?

Most residential building work done in Queensland valued over $3,300 (including labour and materials) must have home warranty insurance. As part of the building process, the builder pays a premium to QBCC (Queensland building & construction commission) to insure the construction. The amount is included as part of your contract, and is paid before work begins.In Queensland, the insurance covers the owner against major defects to the work for a period of six years and six months.

Warranty insurance should not be confused with Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance, which is sometimes called Builders All Risk insurance. This insurance covers fire, damage, theft and injury during the construction period while the builder is in possession of the building site.

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