A 16mm thick horizontal weatherboard with deep shadow lines. Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard is a weatherboard that looks smoother and more refined than a traditional weather board now and is guaranteed to do so into the future.

Where does it get used?

In housing applications wherever a modern design is required. This product can also be used on reproduction weatherboard homes. Linea™ weather boards have many applications  including but not limited to external walls , front facade features ,extensions and interior feature walls.

What makes it different

Design options. The 16mm thick profile creates consistent deep shadows. The range of corner finishing details – aluminium, PVC or Scyon™ Axent™ trim – means that a range of different looks can be tailored to any design style.

Easy to install. Linea weatherboards are back bevelled to sit flush with the stud. The pre-primed boards mean less paint and time is needed to achieve a high-quality finish.

Low maintenance. Linea weatherboard will maintain its integrity and general appearance significantly longer than timber. Linea weatherboard will resist shrinking, swelling and cracking * to hold paint longer than timber boards and can be painted any colour to suit your specific design applications.

Warranty.  Not only does James Hardie provide a 25-year product warranty on Linea weatherboard, but many Australian paint suppliers provide a 15 year warranty on their paint when used on Linea weatherboard and completed to their paint